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In The Kitchen Or In The Gym I've Got You Covered

I've compiled a list of the items I use on a daily basis. Not only have these made my life easier and more convenient, but also enhancing my productivity and helping me make progress. I have linked their Amazon pages to ensure you get the best prices and that super fast shipping we know and love from worlds greatest shopping site!

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Kitchen Must-Haves

Make life, and Cooking Easier With These Go-To's

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Nutribullet Blender

A Perfect Smoothie Has Never Been Easier!

This Nutribullet has been my breakfast making dream machine for just about 6 years now. I don't think I've gone more than a day or two without using it since I've purchased mine. Not only does it do an AMAZING job at blending up my breakfast smoothie every time, but the other possibilities are endless! From blending frozen fruit into a smooth consistency, or quickly chopping up ingredients for a gourmet dinner, this piece of heaven handles it ALL!

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Instapot Air Fryer

The Healthiest Way To Fry

Ok, I can not stress this enough... THIS THING IS AMAZING! Quite possibly the best purchase I have EVER made! Seriously, from chicken wings to tempura veggies this Air Fryer has left me speechless every single time. The best part is that you don't have to worry about added fats or the struggles of using a deep-fryer. No grease, no mess, no unnecessary fat, what more could you ask for? If you could only buy one appliance for your kitchen THIS WOULD BE IT!

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Exercise Essentials

At Home Or At The Gym, These Should Always Be Around!

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Exercise Bands

Replicate MANY Exercises From The Gym At Home!

These bands are the longer, typically "heavier" bands that will offer plenty of variety and allow you to do just about every exercise at home! With these bands you can, for example, either add assistance to a Pull-Up by securing it to the bar and looping it around your feet, or add resistance to a Push-Up by stretching it across your back and grabbing each end. The variety of resistance levels ensure that you won't easily outgrow them and provide plenty of tension to continue to see progress! Don't worry, I will coach you on how exactly to use these to the fullest!

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Activation Bands

From Warm-Ups To Advanced Modifications

Similar to the Exercise Bands listed about, these will enhance any exercise either at home and especially in the gym. The main difference is that these are much smaller and not quite as high in resistance. The BEAUTY of these little guys is that they are amazing for warming up before your workout and activating those muscles to ensure you're performing each exercise at the highest level! Additionally, they help you understand and train KEY movements properly DURING the exercise, especially while using machines or free weights that leave your hands occupied. Again, don't worry as I will coach you on how to use these as well!

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FocusGear Gym Bag 2.0

A Classic Necessity To Hold All Your Gear

It goes without saying that it helps to have all of your things in one place. This gym bag does just that. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to get to the gym and realize you forgot something at home. With this bag you have a place for everything you could want. From stinky shoes staying away from everything else in its own designated and sealed off section, to specifically designed water bottle holders (yes there's 2) you never will lose anything or leave it behind. With enough space for a couple changes of clothes plus gear like the above bands, you'll be able to pack everything in this one convenient bag. For the price, and the utility, this will be one of the best gym purchases you've made!

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