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Dylan Kropp

Combining Years of Personal Training and Nutrition Experience To Help You Reach The Goals You Deserve!

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  • 1 Hour 1-on-1 Training Tailored To Your Goals

    70 US dollars
  • 1hr Nutrition Consult Helping You Reach a Weight Loss or Gaining Goal!

    50 US dollars
  • 10 Personal Training Sessions + Nutrition Guidance - $100 IN SAVINGS

    600 US dollars
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I first began training with Dylan Kropp in September of 2017. Since then, I have experienced a
significant transformation in my physique and athletic ability. During these years with Dylan he
has helped me develop a strong knowledge base in the fundamentals of weight lifting and the
proper diet to support my workouts and get the most benefit from them. Dylan is excellent at
explaining proper form. This philosophy of training and his sound understanding of the science
of training provided amazing results for me. He taught me that mastering proper form firat would
protect me from injury and ultimately allow me to lift heavier...and it did...and I’ve never been
injured on Dylan’s program. Avoiding injury is a priority for me since I make my living as a nurse
in the intensive care unit.
Dylan plans workouts that are fun and interesting. He is very motivational as a trainer. Dylan
has pushed me and helped me to push myself many times in the gym when I felt like I couldn’t
go any further. Those gruelling moments in the gym; when I would possibly give up if he wasn’t
there to push me to “ just do 3 more”, when I see that I make it through the exercise; that
feeling of accomplishment stays with me and helps me to push through difficult workouts all the
time. My confidence and physical strength have grown significantly as a result of working with
Whether you are bulking up or slimming down, recovering from an injury, trying to improve your
health or just improve your strength, Dylan has the experience and commitment to help you
succeed. No matter what your fitness goals, I am certain that Dylan will be more than able to
help you get there!

Karissa S.

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